Hydraulic  Engineer






Name and First Name :      SELLAMI  Mohamed



 Date  of birth        :    August 4, 1955 in Sfax city-Tunisia


 Nationality            :   Tunisian


Languages              :   Arabic - French - English


Mobile phone         :  +216 23 530 522


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Jun   1974       :  Baccalaureate in Mathematics


Jun   1976       : Diploma DUES, Faculty of Sciences of Tunis


Jun   1980       : Diploma of Hydraulic Engineer,

                        National Engineering School of Tunis   


Juillet  1980      : Diploma of Advanced Studies   (DEA)

                        National School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering,  

                        Computer Science and Hydraulics of Toulouse (ENSEEIHT) – France Option mechanical fluids.



TUNISIA  1980    :   Memory of engineering degree :

Numerical simulation, optimization and management of networks of water supply for drinking and irrigation


                               Applications on:

 * The drinking water network of the city of Sfax-Tunisia:

(15 stitches + 2 tanks)

                                                    * The irrigation network of the plain of Ghardimaou-Tunisia:

                                                      The network  is composed of : an area of 5000 ha , 20 wells ,           

                                                      1  pumping station of 1000  l/s flow on the  Medjerda  river and            

                                                      1 regulation tank  of 50000 m3


FRANCE 1980      :    Memory of the DEA degree:

                                Studies of problems posed by the application of the method
                                HARDY CROSS for the study of mesh networks (convergence of the algorithm and relaxation).





1990-1993:  Association of Graduates of National Engineering School of Tunis
                         Member of the association

1996-1998Order of Tunisian Engineers
                         Member of National Council (Council of 60 members)

1998-2002:  Order of Tunisian Engineers

                         Council Member of the Great Elector (Council of 90 members)

2002-2009Order of Tunisian Engineers

                         Member of the Council of the Order of Tunisian Engineers
                         (Council of 20 members)

                         Responsible of the  Private Sector and coordinator with

                         governorates of Sfax and south of the country





TUNISIE 1980 - 86:       Principal Engineer in the design office SOTUETEC

                                          Who realized the following studies :


 1980 -81   :              1- Study of Sanitation of the cities: Hammamet, Nabeul and JEMEL
                                          (the 17 cities Project of ONAS)
                                      Execution study and elaboration of tender folders

                                          (50 km of pipes ND 250 to ND 800 + a pumping station with a flow rate: 100 l/s).

                                 2 - Study of the primary network of rainwater of the Wholesale Market        

                                         of  Tunis city.(a storm basin + regulation with the drainage channela).


  1981 -82   :              3 - Backing up of the Oasis of Nefzaoua in Kebili city (Oasis of Negga

                                        Tombar, Zaafrane, Neji and Oum El Mazraa Ferth) (500 ha).

                                           • Proofing and diagnosis of existing networks

                                           • Development of extensions

 • hydraulic analysis and design of structures + study of sources

     (strengthening by pumping + creating new sources + control).

                                    * Preparation of the tender folders.



                                  4 - Creating the Nefzaoua Oasis

                                       (Oasis of Blidet,  Bechni, Faouar and  Dargine) (400 ha)

                                          • identifying sites

                                          • pedological study

                                          • hydraulic study of irrigation and drainage

                                          • preparation of the tender folders


1982 -83  :                  5 - Study of the Sanitation Master Plans of  the cities:

                                       Maknassy, Guettar, Menzel Jemil,  Menzel Abderrahmen, Hergla and Ennfida.



                                  6 - Protection against flooding of the towns:

                                       Bouficha, Sidi Bou Ali (Survey, hydrologic and hydraulic studies and geotechnics)



 1983 -84   :                7 - Sanitation of the cities:  Nafta, Sbeitla , Sidi Bouzid, Sfax

                                        Mahrès and  El Jem (the 30 cities Project of ONAS, Lot Nb. 2)

                                       * Execution study and preparation of tender folders

                                        (140 km of pipes DN 250 to DN 500 + 7 pumping stations)


                                  8 - Sanitation of the city Haffara in Sfax (10 ha): Tender Folder


                                  9 - Sanitation of flood areas of Sfax city: Tender Folder


                                 10 - Study of sanitation master plans of the cities:

                                          Hammamet - Nabeul - Dar Chaaban.


1985 -86      :              11- Projet of  Tunis Metro:


                            * Responsible for the deviation of the networks on the layout of subway:

                                         • Networks of sanitation

                                         • Networks of drinking water

                                         • Overground and underground networks of electricity and gas

                                         • Telephone networks

                                         • Control of execution of the scupper in Lyon street



                                  12 – Participation in the study of the International Fair of Tunis:

                                         * Study of networks



1986  :                   Since 15  july  1986


Founder and Manager  of  the company ATLAS ENTREPRISES having the following tasks:

  • Business management
  • Study of tender folders
  • Cost accounting
  • Supervision and  technical  control of projects
  • Project manager and clerk of works for the following projects :


(See references of the company)


All projects presented below were conducted under the direct responsibility of Mr. Mohamed Sellami as project manager and clerk of works