Partnership proposal


ATLAS ENTERPRISES offer at the companies specialized in the realization of wastewater treatment plants to participate in the following tenders.

Terms of Participation

Under the terms of the tenders issued by the National Office of Sanitation (ONAS), the participation in these tenders by Tunisian and foreign companies will be by one of the following terms:

     A - Either the Tunisian or foreign company participates alone. In this case it will be a general contractor and it can subcontract the civil engineering part and/or other parts  to a Tunisian companies.

     B - Either the Tunisian or foreign company participates in a solidary group with a Tunisian company specialized in civil works. In this case the first company will be the company specialized in equipment for wastewater treatment plants and the second Tunisian company will be the civil works company.

In this case, this first company specialiszed in equipement will be:

  • The leader of  the group
  • The responsible for the study and design of the treatment  process
  • The responsible for the supply, installation and  tests of the equipments.
  • The responsible for the starting of the plant.


Current  tenders :